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The Best Pig Cooker Anywhere Around.

     We've sold hundreds of these cookers over the past couple of years since we became a local distributor. This is one really well built cooker for it's price.  Whether you're an avid grillmaster or just a backyard chef for the family, this is the one to have.  Take a look at the details below and we think you'll agree.

     If you take your cookouts seriously, we've got your next cooker.  Pricing info is below.  You know you want one.

Solid Diamond Plate Construction:


Our cookers have a large cooking surface for whole hogs or whatever you decide to cook.  Each one has 2 large shelves conveniently located at the back to hold utensils, basting sauces etc.


2 large handles make it easy to lift the grate during cooking or cleaning.

Note also the frame
around the cooking grate.
This keeps the grate flat
at all times, unlike cheap
models where it bends
and curls.


2 gas shock pistons make opening and closing the cooker top a one hand operation.  Lid is safe and secure when open to full position


Need more cooking options?

Have 2 additional cooking burners added to your cooker to meet your
special needs.


We offer several cooking methods. 

Gas, charcoal/wood or a combination of both.

2 propane tank holders are attached to the cooker frame along with
U.L. listed gas
regulators and hose


Pull your cooker in
confidence with this 2"
connector and latch plus
safety chain.

Note the sturdy hand
operated jack.  Quickly lifts or lowers your cooker for ease in use.


Distance pulling is a snap with these tires.
Just hook up
and go.


This drain plug makes
it easy to wash out
your cooker.

Note also the
heavy duty
leaf spring


Red or Black
models are

4ft or 5ft.

Call Today.



Solid Diamond Plate 14-Gauge Metal Construction:
4ft models are solid 14-gauge throughout.
5ft models have a 14-gauge top with a 12-gauge bottom.

Solid Weld Commercial Grade Welding:
Our cookers have "solid welds", unlike other cookers which have "stitched" welding.  That means others place a short welding stitch ever so often along the path of the seam.  Our solid welds provide more secure bonds of metal parts with less likelihood of breaks.

2,000 lb Trailer Axle and Suspension:
Take another look at the photos and you'll see just how sturdy this cooker is.  Although the cooker only weighs about 500-600 lbs., we place it on a 2,000lb load trailer to add great stability to our units.  You'll be able to tow it around with confidence anywhere you need to go.

2" Ball Coupler, Wind Up Jack, Safety Chains:
The coupler is quick and simple to hook up to your vehicle for easy towing.  The quick wind up jack allows you to lower or lift the end as needed.  Safety chains make double sure your cooker stay's connected.  Pull with confidence

Pneumatic Wheels:
The large 480x12 wheels provide a smooth ride for your cooker.  Load it up with a whole hog and pull it to your site.  Go can handle it.

Gas Shock Lifts For The Top:
Dual gas shocks provide easy one hand operation of the cooker top.  No need to strain yourself trying to get the lid open to see all the cooking action.  The top goes up easy and lowers easily.  A convenient latch helps lock it in place.

Large Cook Surface:
4ft. Model - 47"x37"     5ft. Model - 57"x37"
From whole Bar-B-Q pigs to steaks, hotdogs or burgers...this cooker can handle it for you.  The large metal cooking surfaces allow for lots of family food fun.  You might even want to invite the neighbors or Uncle Bob.  Large handles on each end make it easy to lift the grate for cleaning or transporting cooked meats.  Take another look at the close up photos above and look at the framework that goes around the cooking grate.  This keeps the cooking grate FLAT all the time.  Cheap cookers don't have this and once the cooking grate starts getting hot, it will try to curl or warp.  Our frame want allow that to happen.

Cook with Gas, Charcoal, Wood Or Both:
You can purchase either an all gas cooker or one that will cook with charcoal and wood also.  See the available options listing for pricing depending on your specific needs.

Cooking Temperature Range:
Temperature range for this cooker is 185-450 degrees.
It can handle anything from hot dogs to steaks to whole hogs easily.
A heavy duty thermometer is attached to the top of the cooker for easy viewing.

U.L. Listed Regulator & Hose Assembly:
All of our units have a U.L. listed adjustable gas regulator and hose assembly with a brass control valve.  Propane tank holders are connected to the trailer itself to hold your tanks safe and securely in place throughout the cooking process.

Dual Outside Gas Burners: (optional)
Need to cook some other items as well?  Add 2 outside gas burners to your grill and have everything you need to cook the main meats and the side dishes all at the same time.  See the price listing for details.

Dual Utility Shelves:
We've placed 2 utility shelves right where you need them.  We recently replaced our one long wooden shelf with these sturdy diamond plate metal shelves.  Keep those spices, sauces and utensils right at the grill.

Easy Cleanup:
You've worked hard to make your cookout a success, you don't need to work harder to clean up afterwards.  All our cookers have a convenient drain plug at the bottom to help speed up the process.  Hose off the outside and start planning the next Big Event.

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Still Need More Information:
We've tried to cover as much as we can here but, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you personally about our cookers.  Feel free to use our Contact Page to drop us an email or better yet, give us a call at 919-362-7949 and let us answer your questions.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.  You know you want one.  Call us today.

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